St. Michael’s Hospice Charity, Charity Shops in Paphos Cyprus Supporting Archangel Michael Hospice


At present we only have five Directors and this is too few to adequately cover the requirements placed on the Board in order to raise much needed funds for the Archangel Michael Hospice in Mesa Chorio.

The Charity has grown rapidly over the last three years with over 60 fantastic volunteers, five shops and many exciting events such as Team SMHC raising Eu 23k in last year’s Logicom Cyprus Marathon Fun Walk.

If you feel you could help this great Charity as a Director or just planning an event  please contact us and join our dynamic, professional and fun filled team.

In particular we are seeking a Charity Secretary, who can arrange and take minutes at our monthly Board meetings and  anyone who can help manage our future events .

Thank you.

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Membership Process

Membership Process for St Michael Hospice Charity 2022/2023 Membership
For Existing and New Supporters

Dear Supporter,

In accordance with our constitution, membership is now being offered for a calendar year commencing the 1st January 2023.

The Charity is bound to compile and submit a list of 2023 members to the Paphos District Office in January 2022.

All prospective members both new and those renewing their membership, are asked to complete an “application form” - download click here. One application form for each individual applicant please. This should be completed in block capital letters to ensure there is no ambiguity and that the information we have is accurate,

Membership fee remains at €5.00 per person. Only valid members whose details have been lodged with the Paphos District Office will be allowed to attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and/or, Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

Membership Process

  1. Each applicant must fill in an application form and submit this along with the annual fee of €5.00 per person.
  2. Please visit any one of our shops (listed) which will process your application/s.
    1. Your application will be taken and a receipt provided. The receipt number for 2023 will constitute your annual membership number
    2. Your application will be passed to the Charity Membership Secretary who will record your details and compile;
      1. Members list for the Paphos District Office
      2. Update our mailing list
  3. Membership application will be vetted and approved by the Board of Directors
  4. Should a membership application be rejected, a refund of the membership fee will be processed.

We would like to thank our current members and look forward to their support in the coming year and indeed, years to come.

As always, we continue to look for more volunteers to help support our shops and to help at fund raising. If you are new or reading this from our website and feel you can make a contribution to the Charity, please contact us click here.

Thank you

David Hart

Chairman and Director St Michaels Hospice Charity