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Dear Members,

You are cordially invited to attend our AGM which will be held at Palia Ilektriki Meeting Room  on the 1st June 2023 at 2.30pm

There is a significant change with regards to our future status which we need to present to you. A vote of current paid up members will be taken.

The board will take written questions only. You are asked to submit these questions in advance which should be sent to: and to the acting secretary, These to be submitted on or before 29th May 2023

Your attendance is important. If you are unable to attend please advise by email to Chris Peet at

The proposed agenda is as follows:

  1. Welcome and Introduction by our President David Hart.
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the 2022 AGM. {To be added to our website}
  3. President’s report.
  4. Auditor’s report. To be added to:  {}
  5. Treasurers report by David Richards
    1. 2022 Summary report
    2. 2023 performance update
  6. SMHC New Company establishment by Chris Peet.
  7. Vote on the new company proposal and change of status.
  8. Company Board Members.
  9. Break.
  10. Board Election Result
  11. Written Questions
  12. AOB
  13. Join us at Palia Ilectriki Café/Restaurant for refreshment.

David Hart


St Michael’s Hospice Charity of Paphos


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Annual General Meeting 8th July 2020, (rescheduled from 18th March 2020) at  2:30 in the Latin Parish Hall

The Secretary welcomed everyone. There was a delay as there was not a quorum, after 15 minutes, a quorum was declared with 37 voting members present, thus representing more than 30% of our 90 members. This under the new rules as laid down by the Cyprus Government.

The Secretary explained that there would be no Chairman’s report due to the resignation of Keith Wallace.  She would try later in the meeting to bring members up to date with progress in relation to the Association.

The Secretary (Kay Boyd Platt) explained that as the Vice Chairman and then the Chairman had resigned, she as the most senior officer of the Board of Directors, was required to chair the meeting. She asked for understanding from the members as acting as Chair and Secretary at a meeting was quite a task.  Marlene White one of the members had kindly agreed to take the minutes.

The Secretary explained that the registration of our Constitution/Statute was complete and she had signed it. She thanked Nicole from Michael Kyprianou for her invaluable (pro bono) help in reaching this stage. All that was required now was the signature of the outgoing Chairman Keith Wallace, since it was he who had lodged and signed the document after the Statutory meeting on the 11th December 2019, along with the Secretary.

Unfortunately, he had refused to sign on the basis that he resigned his position as Chairman, Director and Member on the 24th February 2020.  Thus, the registration had now become null and void, and we were in danger of losing our status as a Charitable Association, and could be liable for a huge amount of back VAT, according to our Auditor as much as half a million euros.

It was also explained that the changes to the constitution were those required by the Cyprus Government in order for our registration to be acceptable to them. These changes had been clearly outlined to members via the attachment sent out with the Agenda.

Effectively, the Statutory Meeting held on the 11th December 2019 had reformed our Association, and those 68 people present at that meeting had become the basis of our Association’s voting members.  Since that time more members had joined and paid up, and the membership now stood at 90.

The Lawyer Nicole Kallasidou from the firm of Corporate Lawyers Michael Kyprianou was present, as was our Auditor Yiannis Pouyiouros from Pro Vision Accounting,  and the Secretary asked them to ensure that the legal position as presented by her to the members was 100% correct. We thank them both for their invaluable support.

Effectively, our registration had to be relodged because of the lack of a signature from the outgoing Chairman. The Lawyer, Nicole, had advised that if the present Board all stood for election (as had always been the practice in past AGM’s) there would be no problem in progressing the Registration through to completion with a new board. This had been fully explained to the existing Board, but they refused to stand, stating that Christopher Peet and Keith Smith were voted on for 2 years according to the constitution. The Secretary agreed that the constitution did state that elected directors were elected for 2 years, as was she, but that she was willing, for the good of SMHC and the Hospice, to stand to be voted. The Lawyer took the microphone to try to explain the importance of the existing board standing for election.  This was not accepted by those members of the board objecting that they were voted for 2 years.

The Secretary asked that the acceptance of the new Government approved version of the Constitution be accepted.  A copy of this had been sent by the Secretary to every member. Christopher Peet objected that the copy they were asked to vote on was defaced by red highlight. The Secretary pointed out that the red highlight was felt to be helpful as it had made clear the Government imposed changes, and the Secretary had also explained these changes as the invitations to the meeting went out. There was an argument about this. It was pointed out that the actual document that had gone forward, and on which we were voting, was in Greek. The Secretary asked the members if anyone objected to voting on the document they had been sent.  There was no other objection.  A vote was taken to accept the document, it was accepted by a large majority.

Ricky Shields, a volunteer from the Geroskipou shop took the microphone and asked if he could be helpful as a Greek speaker. He said he had understood the meeting had been convened to vote for a Board. The Secretary and the Lawyer confirmed that up to 8 people could be voted for as Board members. Ricky pointed out that the Shop Volunteers and the Hospice were doing a fantastic job. The Secretary confirmed that the current relationship between SMHC and the Hospice was superb. Ricky suggested that we move forward with the much-needed vote. Cameron McDonald and David Richards both offered to stand. Andrew Lauder objected saying they were not nominated on the agenda.

Richard Daly tried to speak, saying that the treatment of the Secretary/Acting Chair and the bullying had been appalling in his opinion, something the like of which he had never previously witnessed. He had been elected Treasurer for 4 months, and in that time had seen no support given to the Acting Chair, and lies and deceit being used to influence people’s opinions.

Barbara Newman tried to speak, saying that she had been a Shop Manager for 5 years, and had joined the Board because she wanted to see an end to the “back-biting” and animosity, especially towards the Hospice and it’s Manager. She said she felt that this behaviour was likely to destroy SMHC, and damage the Hospice. She was unable to finish her speech because she was shouted down by a member taking the microphone.

It was never clear whether the four week rule was something Christopher Peet was for or against, which made the position of Mr Hart very confusing. Mr Hart had not signed into the meeting, but had chosen to sit with the Board.   Mr Peet had written a very forthright letter to the Secretary regarding the 4 week rule, as had a member Mrs Dake, accusing the Secretary of “devious skullduggery” if she allowed people to sign up as members and vote on the day of the AGM. It was the feeling of the Secretary that Mr Hart should have been treated as a board member, and Board minutes reflected this.  It was the insistence of Mr Peet regarding the 4 week rule that had caused confusion.

Ricky asked the Secretary if she was willing to call an EGM for September. The Secretary said she was willing to do this, provided the Registration was complete, otherwise a meeting would be pointless.

Clearly, the business of the AGM was not complete, we had not got beyond the first item on the agenda. David Richards demanded the Secretary say why the Shops had not been thanked. The Secretary pointed out that in her opinion, the Shops were the “life blood” of SMHC, and would have been thanked profusely during her report had she had a chance to make it.  We were still not past the first item on the agenda.

It was by now unbearably hot for the members, and resolution was desired by most people present. The Lawyer Nicole Kallasidou asked if the current board were willing to continue until the Registration was complete. They agreed to this as did the members.  In view of this, The Lawyer asked the Secretary to sign the Constitution to go forward for Registration with the Authorities, and Keith Smith was asked to sign as Chairman, as The Secretary could not sign as both.

It was made very clear by the Lawyer that those persons going forward as Directors of the Board of SMHC must remain intact whilst the Registration process is completed, they would then need to stand for election when an EGM was called, possibly in September.

Father Jim Kennedy made a request that apart from a small contingency fund, ALL funds raised by SMHC should go direct to the Hospice without delay. This was met with approval by a huge round of applause from the majority present.

Those Directors/ Board members going forward are:-

Kay Boyd Platt – Secretary

Chris Peet – Treasurer

Keith Smith – Signed as Chairman

Valerie Sheepwash-Director

Barbara Newman-Director

Richard Daly-Treasurer (resigned at the meeting)

David Hart-Director

The meeting closed unfinished, with all business deferred to an EGM to be held hopefully in September when the Registration is complete.

Those members names recorded on the Register, and signed in

  1. Cameron McDonald
  2. Kate McDonald
  3. Chris Peet
  4. Keith Smith
  5. Valerie Sheepwash
  6. Barbara Newman
  7. Kay Boyd Platt
  8. Ann Friend
  9. Sandie Straughan
  10. Sheila Rose
  11. Ann Allen
  12. Ron Rose
  13. Marian Richards
  14. Susan Leslie
  15. David White
  16. Ricky Shields
  17. David Richards
  18. Fred Alcock
  19. Marlene White
  20. Father Jim Kennedy
  21. Dermot Hogan
  22. Cath Argyropoulous
  23. Andrew Lauder
  24. Mona Skordi
  25. Triona Andronike
  26. Marilyn Georgiou
  27. Linda Ingram
  28. Anne Goldfarb
  29. Susan Hammond
  30. Holly Swol-Wasserfall
  31. Sue McGough
  32. Daryl Fitzgerald
  33. Anna Fitzgerald
  34. Charlotte Hadjikyriacou
  35. Yiannis Pouyiouros
  36. Father Fernando Flores
  37. Christine Neukum


Eileen Warren - signed in  (There is no membership form for this lady, she is not a member)

Invitation to the 2021 Annual General Meeting of St Michael’s Hospice Charity to be held on Wednesday 23rd June 2021 at 14:30 at Attikon Theatre, Evagora, Pallikaridi, Paphos

Dear Member,

You are cordially invited to attend the 2021 AGM of St Michael’s Hospice Charity on 23 June 2021. It will be held at the Attikon Meeting Room off Kennedy square in Paphos.

Ample parking is available in the Kennedy Square car park and the charge is just 1 Euro for 4hrs. The Attikon main entrance is opposite the bus stop and to the right of 2nd Cup Coffee Company (towards the EKO garage) as you look at it from the car park . There is a crossing from the car park across the road to the 2nd Cup. We will provide you with a bottle of water on entry (we are not allowed to offer additional refreshments).

As an Association we are legally required to meet at least once a year. If you completed a Membership form before the deadline date of 28 February you are now one of our more than one hundred 2021 members legally permitted to vote at this AGM. We recognize that new Members have joined since but they are ineligible to vote this time. This is also an opportunity for us all to thank our unpaid Shop Managers and volunteers for the work they have done over the last 12 months in exceptionally difficult circumstances.

Before taking a seat, please come to the Reception desk where we will ask you to sign the Register. We are required to provide the Paphos District Office with a copy of the completed Register after the AGM. Registration will then include giving you a Secret Ballot voting form and short Bio of all the candidates seeking election as your Board Members for the next two years. The Bios are currently also available to view on our website.

Please study the voting form carefully before making your selections. The Secret Ballot voting Form also seeks your vote on the removal of Clause 5 in Article 21 of our Constitution, which has been requested by Paphos District Office. Once you have completed the voting form please place it in the Ballot box at Reception prior to the refreshment break. All the voting forms are anonymous.

The main business of the day will be voting in your Board Members for the next two years, approving the removal of Clause 5 and receiving various reports. The Agenda is attached.

We will be very happy to receive any additional Agenda Items you may want within the next 7 days. We can also field any written questions you may have provided you send them to  ( again in the next 7 days. Any verbal questions on the day, outside of the AGM topics, will be considered after the AGM by the Board before replying.

We do hope you will be able to attend our AGM on 23 June.


David Richards (Secretary)

27 May 2021



AT 14:30 ON 23 June 2021

  1. Welcome and Introduction by Chairman David Hart
  2. Confirm appointments of our Auditor and our Lawyer.
  3. Approve the Minutes of the 2020 AGM held on 8 July 2020
  4. Chairman’s report
  5. Auditor’s report
  6. Treasurer’s report (already circulated with March Newsletter)
  7. Board Member Elections (by Secret Ballot)

All your existing Directors (David Hart , Chris Peet , Keith Smith , Val Sheepwash , Bernard Fleming  and David Richards)  are standing for election as Board Members for 2021/2023.

Voting forms and Bios will be handed to all voting members on entry.

  1. Secret Ballot vote on removal of Clause 5 Article 21 of our Constitution as requested by Paphos District Office
  2. Refreshment break (vote counting at Reception by 2 Tellers)
  3. Board election and Clause 5 removal results announcement
  4. Written Questions
  5. Any other Business
  6. Chairman’s closing remarks.
  7. Meeting Ends