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We are pleased to announce that in 2021 we donated 132,000 Euros to the Archangel Michael Hospice. This represents a 17% increase on our 2020 donation. We are so proud of our volunteers who have gathered in this amount, mainly through our shops, under Covid conditions. Thanks also to all our customers who have donated stock during the year.


a. Geroskipou Superstore

Government regulations require that all customers to this shop must show what measure they are each using to control the spread of Covid 19 before access can be granted. This is checked on entry by our volunteers using the Covscan app provided by the Government. Signs are up on the window on entry showing what measures you must show.

Government Inspectors are regularly visiting and checking the status of each customer in the shop. If you do not have the correct Covid 19 prevention status (eg completed vaccination etc) then you are liable for a 300 Euros on the spot fine by that Inspector. You must wear your mask at all times during your visit.

We are forced to carry out these checks on behalf of the Government so we are asking that all customers come to the shop armed with the correct proof of their Covid 19 prevention status or they will have to be turned away. Please remember that it is your responsibility to show that you have the correct proof.

Our volunteers are more than uncomfortable carrying out these checks on every customer so please be patient with them during the checking process. The Charity is liable for a large fine if they let a customer  in without fully checking their status first.

b. Our Peyia Shop

We are temporarily closing this small shop to protect our volunteers working there. With very little room to move around inside the shop we have concluded that it is best to close for a short period.

C. Our other 4 shops (Polemi,Town,Agapinoros and Harbour).

Access to these shops continues to be controlled by the number of customers allowed in the shop at the same time. Your Covid 19 prevention status will not be checked on entry. You must wear your mask at all times.


Our two biggest shops (Geroskipou and Agapinoros) can now accept card payments as well as cash. We hope this is more convenient for our customers.

Paphos District Office (PDO)

We are pleased to announce that the Paphos District Office has recently approved our Constitution which we had submitted to them back in October 2020. We now have our final approval Certificate.


We would like to welcome both Tracey White and Anne Mackenzie who joined the Board on 1 October and 28 October respectively.


All our shops need good quality clothing, household goods and furniture. Have you had a clear out recently? Do please think of us if you are moving house or leaving the Island. We can collect larger items.


Our radio advert on Rock Fm is now on for 3 months so do listen out for it.


Our Volunteers are always willing to assist you and our shops offer great products at reasonable prices.

Our Mission is,as always, to help fund Archangel Michael Hospice run its day to day operations.

We welcome any feedback from Members or Customers using our contact page.


We would like to wish all our customers a Happy New Year


3 January 2022


Membership Process for
St Michael Hospice Charity. Membership details and Application For Existing and New Supporters:


St. Michael’s Hospice Charity is an independent organisation that was formed originally to assist with the provision of funds for the completion of the Archangel Michael Hospice which opened in June 2015. Our Mission now is to raise funds in support of Archangel Michael Hospice in order for them to provide excellence in  palliative and respite care to those in need, irrespective of race, colour or creed.

We have a total of 6 Charity Shops operating in the Paphos region;  Paphos Town, Geroskipou, Peyia, Kato Paphos, Agapinoros  and Polemi. We also run special events and have a number of charity boxes in various locations around Paphos.

St Michael's Hospice Charity now has its own van, so we can collect donated furniture from within Paphos. 
Contact us for details.

Our Core focus is to seek financial support from businesses and other bodies in addition to organising all manner of fund-raising events...

At our recent AGM we appointed the following companies to assist our operations:

AUDITOR - Yiannis Pouyiouros of Provision Accounting Services Ltd

LAWYER - Ms Marilena Kaizer, of Marilena Kaizer Law.


We would also like to give a big thanks to the following organisations and people who have assisted us over the years :

1. Peter Morton Removals

2. Homebase

3. Ann Friend

We would like to thank Ann Friend, former Manager of our Town shop, for all her hard work over the years in support of the Charity. Ann is our first Honorary Member and is receiving her Certificate from our Chairman, David Hart. We wish her well in her retirement. Ann has returned to us for a few months to manage the Town shop again.

St. Michael's Hospice Charity Shops

We have a wide variety of clothing, books, fabrics, furniture and much much more! 

Kato Paphos




Paphos Town



Your generosity is always deeply appreciated by everyone at the Archangel Michaels Hospice, located in Mesa Chorio, Paphos - Cyprus.

The raised monies will be used to purchase medicines, drips, nursing equipment and many other medical and nursing items required by our patients on a daily basis.
Hospice Tel No. +357 26 600 970